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Start Designing Now

February 22, 2015 Leave a comment

By Adriana Hemzacek

Did you know that you can create your own graphic designs? Now you can! I did it – and you can too!

I recently discovered this free online program called Canva to help create my most desired graphic designs!

Canva makes design simple for everyone. Create designs for Web or print: blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations and so much more.

The idea for Canva came about when Melanie Perkins was teaching graphic design programs at university and found students struggled to learn the basics. Partnering with co-founder Cliff Obrecht, the pair launched Fusion Books, an online design tool that made it easy for students and teachers to create their own yearbooks. They soon realized that the technology they’d developed could be used much more broadly. After searching far and wide, they launched Canva with tech co-founder Cameron Adams.

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Start designing now!


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December 18, 2014 1 comment


Source: PR Daily

Five things to look for when collecting and deciphering social media analytics:

1.      Let your audience guide you to new places. Studying a social media platform’s analytics not only can let you know whether you’re on the right path with ongoing branding and engagement efforts, but also can determine the direction of your future efforts.

2.      Topic-specific interests trump demographics. PR and marketing pros know there is no such thing as a “general public.” When you use a spray-and-pray campaign approach, not only will you not effectively evaluate your efforts, but you might end up wasting a lot of money delivering your message to people who couldn’t care less about what you’re saying. Many brand managers have sent out targeted messages on social media, only to see interest from audiences never even considered in the planning process. This doesn’t mean there’s a “general public.” Social media is just highlighting the importance of finding those who care about your message. Identifying demographics is a start, but once you find those people who are really interested in your product, service, or cause, your message will go much further.

3.      Engagement numbers should tie into your Return On Investment. More and more social media gurus are realizing that metrics aren’t everything. Though it’s true that you have to have followers to hear your message, that’s only the beginning. Metrics such as “likes” and followersundefinedalong with engagement metrics such as retweets, shares, and commentsundefinedmusttie in to your goals to prove social media ROI.

4.      Numbers and sentiment outside branded profiles matter. It’s easy to get wrapped up with what’s happening on your organization’s social media profiles and forget to look at the broader universe of Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms. A narrow view could cause you to miss out on additional opportunities. Not everyone will tag your brand when talking about his or her experiences, good or bad; a relative few will go to your page to talk about the brand. Taking time to look at what those on social media aresaying about you can help your future content.

5.      Context is everything. It’s important to have a social media manager or team members who understand the context surrounding social media measurement. Not only should they be able to evaluate efforts, they should be able to explain what the numbers mean to anyone and everyone in your company who ought to know.


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Tips to Craft Social Media Shareable and Likeable Content

December 2, 2014 Leave a comment

Title: Tips to Craft Social Media Shareable and Likeable Content 

[Source: PR News]

When posting content on social media, it’s important to remember that each platform has its own set of rules, limitations, audiences and expectations. One thing all these platforms do have in common is that their audiences are always engaged by dynamic content. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or any other network, content that is entertaining, informative and conversational will draw attention to your brand.

  1. Don’t make it all about you. Avoid writing posts solely from the company’s viewpoint. A warning should go off in your head anytime you start writing, “We are excited to announce…” Stop right there and shift the viewpoint. Don’t write about what “we” think. Write with your customer’s needs in mind— and use the word “you” to speak with them.
  2. Think visually. On every major social media platform, we see more engagement, likes and views when a photo, infographic, or video is included. Twitter has changed its algorithms so that images posted within the platform or videos posted via Vine will display in the feed. These regularly draw more engagement for us than any plain, 140-character, text post.
  3. Write it so your mom can understand it. Sometimes, posts or blogs in first draft version that are drowning in jargon that they’re almost painful to read. When editing these, ask the writer: “How would you explain this information to your neighbor or your mom?” After they double over with laughter, they will realize they can tell their stories more clearly and simply—and in a human voice anyone can understand.
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