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President’s Message – From David Hovde

David Hovde, PresidentGreetings from northeast Wisconsin – I hope this finds you enjoying the first days of autumn wherever you find yourself!

I feel a little bit like I’m still “recovering” from the IAP2 North American Conference – but in a good way. For the 360 or so of you who were in Portland for all or part of the conference, I think you know what I’m talking about. The program was fabulous, of course, and I left each session satisfied and (I think) just a little bit smarter than when I went in. And as usual, I managed to meet and talk with many, many wonderful people.

In addition to all of the exciting conference-related activities, there were a number of other events that took place in Portland, including meetings of the IAP2 USA board, the IAP2 Canada board, and the IAP2 Federation board (including representatives from Australasia, Canada, Indonesia, Southern Africa, and the United States). While the board meetings all took place separately, there were many opportunities for “networking” and cooperation.

Speaking of the IAP2 USA board, the election for directors is coming up soon. Please be on the lookout for more information about nominations, the election process and, subsequently, the results. If you’re considering running for a seat on the board, please contact Leah Jaramillo, Amelia Shaw, me, or any other board member for more information. I do hope you’ll consider helping support IAP2 USA through service on the board.

In fact, there are many ways that you can get more directly involved in helping to move the organization forward. There are volunteer opportunities available with numerous committees and other groups that are working on specific initiatives, such as the February’s Skills Symposium, webinars, chapter initiatives, and the annual North American Conference.

And because it’s never too soon to plan ahead, perhaps your Chapter is interested in the possibility of hosting the 2017 conference. If you and some of your IAP2 friends and colleagues would like to help plan and organize it, or support the effort in some other way, I hope that you’ll contact Amelia Shaw or me.

Please note that the 2016 North American Conference is scheduled to be held September 28-30 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I strongly encourage you to “save the dates” now and look for additional information about this event between now and then.

In any case, I hope to see you there!

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