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Your Chance to Show North America What You’re Made Of!

IAP2 USA is pleased to host our first fundraiser to benefit USA student scholarships! The fundraiser will be held at the 2015 IAP2 North American Conference in Portland as a silent auction of items donated by chapters, businesses and generous attendees like you.

scholarshipSupporting students encourages student membership, relationships with universities, research in the field, and the ongoing vitality and sustainability of our organization. Thank you for considering supporting this great cause.

The theme, “What’s Brewing in P2?”, has already inspired donations of bags of coffee beans with mugs and dog treats made with beer. Your donation could be “brewing” related, unique to your geographic community …or anything at all. Having a variety of items for conference attendees to bid on will help make the conference more fun and the fundraiser a greater success. Perhaps your company would like to put something together to gain a little marketing benefit as well. Or perhaps your chapter would like to show North America something special about your local culture.

Ready to help? Email your contribution idea to Darlene Garrett darleneurbangarrett@gmail.com and bring your silent auction donation with you to the conference!

Thank you so much for your help!

Kindest regards,
Francesca Patricolo
IAP2 USA Board Member

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