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President’s Message from David Hovde


David Hovde, President

Greetings from Wisconsin –

It’s almost spring here, although I’ve been saying that to myself for several weeks.  In any case, it’s beautiful here right now!

As you know, this spring’s big IAP2 event – the Skills Symposium – is just about to start.  It’s taking place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, from May 27 – 31.  You said that you wanted professional development opportunities and in particular advanced training and we heard and delivered.  It will be great, I swear!

Speaking of great, have you made plans to attend the IAP2 North American conference yet?  The Early Bird Ratefor registration is available through July 31, but I encourage you to take care of it well before then.  Deadlines like that have a way of sneaking up on you (O.K., maybe it is just me – but I doubt it)  and I know you don’t want to be left out – or to pay more than you have to – for what promises to be an absolutely fabulous event.  The schedule of programs, session and activities are available by clicking here.   I think it’s fair to say, “It’s impressive!”

I am pleased to let you know that our IAP2 USA Mentorship Pilot Project is now up and running.  We have 9 mentors and 9 mentees ready to embark on their 6 month “sharing and learning” journey.  We will share the results with everyone in December and hope to kick-start the Mentorship Program as a regular member service in January 2016.

Also, if you and/or your colleagues did great work last year, (of course, you did), I encourage you to consider submitting an entry in the Celebration of Excellence – Core Values Awards program.  You and/or your client and your work could be recognized at the conference in Portland in September.

Finally, as Leah also noted in last month’s newsletter, the IAP2 Federation board met in April in Italy.  Among other things that came out of those meetings, a number of decisions were made about how to continue to move IAP2 forward, while offering the greatest value to members.

In the interests of continuous improvement, we feel that it’s appropriate as we approach year 5 of the international Federation to thoughtfully review our governance model and funding structure to determine what adjustments, if any, may be required to ensure continued growth, ongoing sustainability and success.  It is important for Affiliates and members – including you – to have an opportunity to provide their input in the discussion.

To that end over the next several months, each of the Affiliates, including IAP2 USA, will be asking for your feedback on a number of important issues.  I encourage you to participate and share your views!

Another important initiative that’s currently underway is a review of the IAP2 Spectrum of Public Participation.  On behalf of the IAP2 Federation, IAP2 Canada is taking the lead on this effort.  For more details, read the article in today’s newsletter – and to share your thoughts, please go here.

Clearly, it’s going to be a busy and engaging year!  I encourage you to be a part of it.


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