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P2 – THE NEXT GENERATION – the IAP2 Student Webinar, March 31

All across the USA, student interest in IAP2 is growing –and it’s no wonder! Savvy students who used IAP2 to network, improve their skills, and land jobs are spreading the word like no other. Practitioners are some of the first to tell us they appreciate the energy and enthusiasm that student members bring to our organizations and that students and practitioners have much to learn from each other.

In this webinar, IAP2 USA and Canada will show students how to take full advantage of their memberships right away. Learn what starting a public participation student group at your university can do for you and how you can get involved with our mentorship programs. That’s right – SPOILER ALERT- IAP2 USA will make a special announcement on the webinar about the launch of their brand new mentorship program in light of Canada’s own success!

Speakers include Francesca Patricolo, founder of SP2 Affinity Groups (Students for Public Participation) and IAP2 USA Board Member, Anne Harding, IAP2 Canada President … and you.  We would love to hear from you about what else IAP2 could do for student members and what you think students could do to help make it happen.

Join us and connect with students across our countries who share our passion for P2. Spread the word to students you know to join us on Tuesday, March 31, 3-4:30pm (Eastern)!

Click here to register.

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